Heart Connected

Heart Connected, LLC was inspired by the truth that informs all of Anna's work - that every answer you will ever seek exists within your own heart.

Living heart connected means allowing your own unique feelings, truths, and desires to guide you.

Through her work, Anna has found that engaging in the creative process connects us to the feelings, truths, and desires that reside within our hearts.

We free our minds with creativity. Making art, writing, cooking, gardening, sewing… The creative process quiets our minds and allows us to connect with the power and wisdom that resides within.

We watch as children delve into drawing, painting, and pretending with no expectations and no judgment. We recognize the benefits of self-expression and yet we will not allow ourselvesto explore and play in the creative realm.

The creative process connects us to ourselves, each other, and all of creation.

While much of what Anna offers now comes through her as an individual, it will continue to manifest from her heart - as an act of being Heart Connected. Those who work with Anna also operate from the belief that each and every one of us is a creative being. In fact, we were born to create. We are all artists.

Using a variety of art and heart-centered techniques, like yoga, meditation, writing, and art, Anna and her team will continue to create Heart Connected spaces for you to engage in the creative process – to tune in to your heart and connect with the wisdom and power held there.

As always, no artistic experience is ever necessary. Everything you need already exists within you. We promise.

We look forward to connecting with you.