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May Mandala Meditation

When I realized it is May 1st today, I started thinking about how quickly 2013 is flying by. I keep telling myself that it's okay if I'm a little scattered because I'm still recovering from the holidays and the start of the New Year. Um. Right. I've had four months! Maybe I'm just eternally scattered, and I need to accept that?

The great thing about today is that it is absolutely gorgeous outside. I think Spring has finally arrived here in Michigan! We had a very long, grayish-white winter so Spring comes as a huge relief to me. Today the sun is shining and the birds are flying about singing their songs. I am so happy for the birds! I am so happy for all of us!

To celebrate the sunshine and birdsong, I am offering a mandala mediation for May. Meditation is one of my favorite ways to be still and listen. I think it may intimidate a lot of people though because nobody wants to do it wrong. This is a short and sweet little meditation that I hope will serve as a breath of fresh air for you. Anyone can do it.

I created the mandala shown above in the spirit of promoting self-compassion and love. I am finding in my scatteredness that it is more important than ever to be gentle with myself. I am human after all. I am flawed. I make mistakes. I forget things... Sometimes I can be really hard on myself. Unforgiving. What I'm learning is that when I let go of my mistakes and forgive myself for making them, I open up a lot of space in my head and my heart to do more meaningful things. Like make mandalas.

So, take a look at the center of this mandala and notice the little hearts I drew there. They represent the LOVE that is at the center of everything.

Click play to listen to the guided meditation.

Close your eyes, and get comfortable in your seat or lying down. Take a deep breath and relax all your muscles, your limbs, and your face. Take a few deep breaths, and enjoy the meditation...

You are sitting alongside a creek on a bright Spring day.
Birds are chirping all around you and you can hear the water moving next to you.
A warm breeze blows over your face.
Imagine that in your hand you hold a small pile of seeds.

Each seed represents something you could release, something that no longer serves you. 
One seed could be regret over disappointing someone you love, or a grudge against yourself for a mistake you made. One seed might be a bad habit you've picked up, or a self-limiting belief that is holding you back. Take a deep breath, and on the exhale, blow your seeds into the creek.
Watch as the seeds fade away into the water, to be recycled into Mother Earth.

Feel the lightness that comes over you. You are no longer weighed down. You are free. Sit still as the new empty space inside you is filled with love. Let the love wash over you. Take a deep breath in slowly, taking in the love. Exhale any residue left behind from the seeds you released.

Take another deep breath. Let it go. You are loved. You are worthy of receiving the love you give so freely to others. Let that love into your heart. Embrace it. Wrap your arms around yourself and squeeze yourself into a warm, loving hug. Take a deep breath. Let it go. Wiggle your fingers, and  your toes. Come back to your body, and get ready to go back out into the world...
What will you do with all that love?

I hope you enjoyed that little treat!
Take care my friend!

p.s. Special thanks to my mom for the beautiful forsythia she brought to my house today, and to Tara Catalano for allowing me to use her gorgeous art in this post!

p.p.s. I've never made a video for a post before! I'm letting myself off the hook for its amateur quality, and I hope you will too! :)